Apointr- Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified on 06 Mar 2016.

1. What is Apointr?

Apointr is mobile application allows individuals to create and advertise their service's and it schedule. End users can select your service and appointments interactively.

2. Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes. Select your appointment from appointment list.Go the details view. Select "Cancel" Icon. Do not forget to put reason for cancellation

3. How do I postpone my appointment?

Select your appointment from appointment list.Go the details view. Select "Postpone" Icon. Follow the instruction to complete the postpone appointment

4. What is referral program?

Apointr offers referral programs for who refer apointr to your friends. You can find your referral code in Menu - Settings - Account - Referral Program.

5. What is reward program?

Apointr offers extensive reward program for their uses in its eco system. Below is the reward points for Service Providers.
Starting Points- 200
Fill the Profile- 100
New User (Referral)- 50
Become Service Provider (User)- 300
Honor Appointments (For every unique customers - First Visit)-100
Honor Appointments (each customers second visit onwards)- 25
And below is the reward points for End Users.

Fill the Profile- 100
New User (Referral)- 50
Make Appointment with Apointr and rate the service provider- 10

6. What I can do with referral & reward points?

You can redeem exclusive discount vouchers provided by our service provider exclusively. There are cashback programs were users can redeem their points for Cash.

7. How do I Become Service Provider?

Go to "Services" Tab, click on Become Service Provider. Key in your service details, select available schedule and time and "Save My Service".Your existing services will appear below my services

8. How to I pay my subscription fee?

Please visit https://apointr.com and login using your service provider login to perform the payment.

9. What is "Runnning Late"?

Service Proivder can inform their customers if they are running late for the appointment. System will notify the customers.

10. What are the available Category and Sub Catgory?

Automobile- Car Service, Motor Service and Others
Healthcare and Wellness - Dental Care, General Clinic, Hospital,Yoga Center,Fitness and Others
Hair Salon - Makeup Artist,Nail Salon and Others
Education - Tutor,School and Others
Professional Services - Financial Service,Legal Service,Domestic Service,Others
Other Services - Others

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